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Cancer Patient Beaten to Death Outside of Illinois Treatment Center

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Cancer Patient Beaten to Death Outside of Illinois Treatment Center

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 23, 2016 7:34 pm

sounds like a person she knew did this. was not a robbery. she was killed and not the person there with her??

Shannon Vincel, a St. Louis native and a cancer patient, was beaten to death in Illinois after flying to the state to receive radiation treatments, according to reports.
The 46-year-old travelled to Zion, Illinois on Monday for medical care and was attacked around 9:30 p.m. while she and another patient were waiting for a hospital shuttle to pick them up from their hospital residence, KSDK reports.
According to the station a male suspect approached Vincel and started hitting her with a blunt object. The family added that Vincel was not robbed and police have reportedly not determined a clear motive and do not have any leads. "She was just sitting there waiting for the shuttle to pick her up and take her to treatment," Anita Adams, Vincel's mother told KSDK. "Why would anyone just walk up and beat a girl from behind without warning and just beat her to death? Why?" Adams added that her daughter believed she was safe because she was still "on hospital grounds." According to Fox 2 Now in St. Louis, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is offering a $25,000 reward to anyone who has information about the beating. A spokesperson for the Cancer Treatment Center of America told Fox 2 that they've increased security at the Zion location.
Vincel is reportedly scheduled to be buried in St. Louis on Tuesday. "She was a gentle loving, sweet girl, and she would've never hurt anybody," Adams told KSDK, "He was just pure evil. So It would be wonderful to get this - I can't even call him a person. I don't know what I can call him. If that thing were off the streets. Because no one is safe with people like that out walking around."



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