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Stained-glass makeup

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Stained-glass makeup

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 16, 2017 6:52 pm

In the midst of many bizarre beauty looks such as squiggly eyebrows and wavy lips comes along a new mesmerizing style: stained-glass makeup. Swoon!

Shown off by popular beauty vloggers such as James Charles, stained-glass makeup is a vibrant splash of colors strategically pieced together for a makeup masterpiece. The artsy pattern can be worn on eyes, lips, or even your entire face if you really feel like taking it there.

Charles showed his rendition of the look by sharing a video on Instagram of himself rocking a backward baseball cap, gray sweatshirt, and stained-glass-like graphic eyeliner and lips. His finished look might not be your next go-to daily routine, but it's quite incredible to stare at. Oh, and that highlight of his - it's like icing on a pretty cake!



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