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Vassar Fudge

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Vassar Fudge

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 28, 2016 3:12 pm

Vassar Fudge
Categories: Candies, Christmas
Yield: 1 servings

2 c Sugar
2 Squares (2 oz) unsweetened
1 c Light cream
1 tb Butter

Fudge was popular in the 19 th cntury at women's colleges. These
recipes come froma booklet in 1905.

Combine sugar, coarsely chopped chocolate, and cream. Cook
overmoderate heat, stirring only until sugar and chocolate have
melted. Continue cooking until mixture reaches 238 degrees or until
a few drops tested in cold water form a soft ball. Remove from heat,
add butter, and cool slightly. Beat until fudge begins to harden,
then transfer to a buttered platter. Cut intosquares before the fudge
is absolutely firm. Makes a little more than 1 pound. VARIATIONS: To
make Wellesley Fudge, add 1/2 lb of marshmallows when the candy is
removed from the heat.


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