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Cream-Cheese Fudge

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Cream-Cheese Fudge

Post by Java on Wed Sep 28, 2016 2:54 pm

Cream-Cheese Fudge
Categories: Candies, Christmas
Yield: 1 servings

3 oz Cream cheese, softened
1 ts Heavy cream
2 c Confectioners' sugar
2 oz Unsweetened chocolate,
1/2 ts Vanilla extract
1 ds Salt
1 c Chopped nuts

Servings: 1 pound

DIRECTIONS: Beat cream cheese and cream until smooth. Gradually beat
in sugar. Add melted chocolate and blend. Stir in vanilla, salt, and
chopped nuts. Press into buttered 8x4x2" pan and chill. Cut in

Source: Mom's old magazine clippings- 1940's to 1970's

From: Sallie Austin


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