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Fruit Vinegar

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Fruit Vinegar

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 28, 2016 2:07 pm

Fruit Vinegar
Categories: Gift, Christmas, Vinegar, Condiment, Sauce
Yield: 6 servings

2 c Frozen (no sugar added)
3 tb Sugar
4 c Vinegar (white, cider or

One that I've been making for a couple of years it a Berry vinegar.
I give this along with a bottle of good olive oil and it makes a
great gift...so easy to make. I buy those neat corked bottles from
William Sonoma and fill them one each, stick them in a gift bag, put
a little "fun gift paper" in and under the tree they go.

Berry Vinegar

Put fruit into 6 cup GLASS jar. Sprinkle with sugar then pour on
vinegar. Cover with lid and let stand for 2 weeks. Strain through
double-thickness cheesecloth. Discard fruit. Pour vinegar through
funnel into clean bottles and seal.


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