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Hauntingly Good Popcorn

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Hauntingly Good Popcorn

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 27, 2016 1:31 pm

Hauntingly Good Popcorn
Categories: Snacks, Popcorn, Holidays
Yield: 1 servings

6 c Popped popcorn *
1/2 c Dried apple slices; cut
1/2 c Dried cranberries
1/4 c Raisins
1/4 c Walnuts; chopped
1 tb Brown sugar
1 ts Pumpkin pie spice
1/4 ts Ground cinnamon

* can use 1 bag of microwave popcorn. Do not use lite or air popped
popcorn as seasonings will not stick to it. In large bowl, toss
together popcorn, dried applies, dried cranberries, raisins and
walnuts. In small bowl combine brown sugar, pumpkin spice and
cinnamon. Add to popcorn mixture and toss until popcorn is coated!!


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